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The Standup Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Comedian C. Willi Myles August 2005 in an effort to help raise money for Minnesota’s local charities that fosters hope, education and life skills development to those in need. Over the years he had been ask to perform for various charities across the country to raise money and decided to start something which has always been close to his heart, giving back. We are a Foundation that look to help those who cannot help themselves, C Willi Myles has been doing standup comedy for over twenty years, across this country and Canada. He brings non-offensive humor to corporate events, theatre and colleges across the country as well as his spirit to help up lift. Through the help of friends and family the stand up foundation will be a great asset for the future of hope, development, education and life skills to those in need.

The foundation through it's annual events has donated over $225,000 to Minnesota’s local charities.

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